Heady Swabs Travel Pack-30 ct

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Product Description

 This Travel Pack (30 count) will allow you to bring your Heady Swabs on the go! You can use our 100 count or 300 Count packs to refill and reuse your travel pack. This convenient size can easily slide right in your pocket, so you’re always prepared for action!

Our professional absorbtion technology features a pointed organic cotton tip and a ribbed swab on the bottom. These features allow you to clean all of the difficult areas of your glass or quartz with ease. With extra organic cotton on each end of the swabs, you can clean more efficiently and use less swabs in the process. We use a flexible and biodegradable bamboo stick on each swab, which makes cleaning safe and simple.


Organic Bamboo & Cotton

Veteran Designed & Approved



  • Organic Bamboo & Cotton
  • Veteran Designed & Approved
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Professional Absorbtion Technology
  • Keep your Quartz so Fresh & So Clean


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